Switching Over To Aixam

As most Americans struggle to find a way to ditch their expensive SUV's and luxury vehicles, while watching many of the car makers struggle to stay in business, most of Europe has become fully adjusted to the new style of car that is slowly making waves internationally. This new style of car completely changes the way that people look at cars thanks to its half-car frame (also called a minicar) and amazing efficiency. Thanks to modern technology, people don't have to pay hybrid prices to get hybrid style and efficiency. One of the pioneers of this movement happens to be a French carmaker, owned by MegaCar, called Aixam automobiles.

Aixam automobiles were founded in France in 1984, where they built a variety of minicars and full-sized cars. It wasn't until the 90's that they ditched the full-sized models and went straight to the minicar and worked to perfect it from there. As they begin to toy with the engines, they decided that the 2 cylinder clean diesel engine was the most efficient way to make a car that had zip, but could still maintain an excellent fuel efficiency rating.

In the 21st century, this new style of car became a hit, and Europeans fell in love with the Aixam line of cars. Since they offered a sleek car at a much lower price point than your average sports car, they started selling in droves. These Aixam cars use an alloy frame that allows them to maintain a lightweight body capable of moving at speeds well up to 60 miles per hour. However, they also have models that are slower than that, some so slow that you don't even need a license to drive them! This has cause a revolution in France, as bikes and mopeds have been kicked to the curb for the Aixam "license-less" cars.

The Aixam cars come in a sporty version, called the Scouty, which also has a convertible version, as well as an SUV model (Crossline) and a standard 4-seater (Crossline/A-series). They come in a variety of colors that are sure to please even the most difficult auto enthusiast. With a stylish interior to boot, these cars are one of a kind crowd pleasers.

Thanks to their small size, you can easily fit them in a garage (even a crowded one), maneuver freely on the roads, and get up to top speed very quickly. If you haven't started looking at Aixam for your next purchase, then I highly recommend that you do. I'm a huge car fan and I love the way that they combine fuel efficiency with style and innovation. As they continue to gain popularity, I am sure that this style of car will continue to gain acceptance across the world and even the United States might start picking them up. The truly are a great vehicle at a great price. Thanks to Aixam you don't have to pay a huge auto payment and constantly refill at the pump. The auto industry has changed and I can't wait to see the next step.