Half Cars

If you have never heard of half cars, then you probably live in America where full-size cars are the standard and most people would laugh at anything different. However, in Europe there is an entire brand of automobiles based upon this "half-car" model that is booming in popularity and success. The reason that they are so popular is that half-cars offer the economy and efficiency of a hybrid without the high price point, meaning that you get more bang for the buck. So in a world where people are struggling to pay for gas and vehicle loans, then maybe finding an alternative at the dealership might not be such a bad idea. Well luckily, there is a French company called Aixam automobiles that has come to the rescue in Europe and maybe the rest of the world.

Aixam cars offer hybrid performance at cheaper prices because they don't use any of the fancy technology that is used by most hybrid engines. Instead, they use traditional clean diesel engines that are small and efficient rather than the model that some of the American companies use for their engines, which seem to be bulky and expensive. The Aixam cars use half-size vehicles to make them more lightweight and cause less strain on the engine. This means that the engine does not need nearly as much power as a typical full-size engine. This is how the Aixam cars are able to produce nearly 60 to 90 miles per gallon at speeds in the ballpark of 60 miles per hour.

The Aixam models are also made of an aluminum allow frame and plastic molding, which makes them much more lightweight than steel models. They are still safe, thanks to a variety of reinforcements that make them sturdy and practical - and combined with the price tag, that means cheap automobile insurance quotes for anyone buying an Aixam. Aixam cars are perfect for someone that just needs a basic vehicle to get them from point A to point B with little trouble or cost. Being small, they are easier to park and store and as a result you can fit much more in your garage or driveway.

Aixam vehicles are currently produced in 5 models that range in price and economy; however the maximum speed of any one model is sixty miles per hour. So if you're looking for something fast, then this isn't the car for you. However, if you are looking to save money on the purchase of a vehicle as well as on monthly maintenance and gas expenses, then this is the perfect car for you. Aixam vehicles have been in business for nearly 30 years and continue to impress as their technology evolves.

Although you cannot buy Aixam cars in the United States, you can find them in nearly every part of Europe, where the half-body car is not as unpopular as it is in America. Aixam has also introduced an electrical model for those of you looking for a different style of vehicle that does not rely on fossil fuels. Over time, I expect that many of their models will follow suit.