Buy A Microcar

Have you ever thought about buying a microcar instead of a full-sized vehicle? Microcars are very quickly becoming one of the most popular vehicles in the world thanks to the revolutionary technology that gives them maximum pep and fuel efficiency at the same time. One of the recent pioneers of the microcar, which they call a half-car, is Aixam automobiles, which happens to be owned by the company MegaCar. They've come out with a whole new line of fuel efficient and practical cars that are perfect for just about anyone looking to buy a great new or used car.

Aixam cars make maximum use out of their 2 cylinder diesel engines to provide maximum drivability with little fuel expense. These bad boys get over 30-60 miles per gallon and are capable of speeds up to 60 miles per hour. Although they certainly aren't speed demons, what else would you expect from a car that can save you hundreds of dollars at the pump per month.

Aixam vehicles come in standard, convertible, and SUV models that allow you to meet any of your car buying needs. You can buy a sport version, a practical standard version, or a roomier SUV version for your family. However, even the standard version can hold up to 4 people comfortably while still allowing room for luggage.

The Aixam cars are also very stylish in the design department thanks to modern engineering. The sporty Aixam Scouty is a very popular car amongst the younger crowd, thanks to its sports car style and convertible top. The interiors are very modern looking and have all the accessories you need in a car. Just because a car is smaller, doesn't mean it isn't fully loaded!

Aixam cars are also very lightweight thanks to their aluminum allow frame and interior plastic molding, which helps them increase their efficiency and allows the engine to work less than it normally would with a steel frame. This means that your engine is not going to wear down early and your vehicle is still very safe thanks to the crash-testing reinforcements made to the body.

Aixam cars start at around 10,000 Euros and move up in price from there, which proves that they can provide hybrid quality at a much cheaper price. You don't have to pay the steep entry costs of a hybrid because they use traditional diesel technology. Although you would still be relying on fossil fuels for the engine, if you are completely opposed to that, you can opt for the new electrical model which allows you to charge up and go for a spin. Either way, the choice is up to you.

Aixam cars are a sweeping sensation across all of Europe and some of the rest of the world. You can buy them much cheaper than you can buy a full-sized vehicle or SUV and they are the most fuel efficient car in the market, at least at that price. Starting at 10,000 Euros, you simply cannot go wrong with one of the Aixam models.