Why Aixam?

In the days of the struggling world economy, high priced gasoline, and ever-increasing inflation, many people are looking for ways to save money. One of the ways that the market has responded is by giving consumers cheaper prices at the dealership with more affordable cars at higher efficiency ratings. This is particularly true in Europe, where gas prices have been much higher than in America. Aixam, in case you haven"t heard of it, has become a very popular sensation in European countries that typically prefer practical and economical cars as opposed to gas guzzling SUV"s and luxury vehicles. Aixam models are small, but they are fuel efficient and cost effective, making them a practical choice for moderate car fans. To help you learn a little bit more about the Aixam car company and their vehicles, we"d like to present you with a brief history of Aixam automobiles.

Headquartered in France, Aixam automobiles began being produced in 1983 and produced a mix of full-size cars and "half-brands", that were typically much smaller than ordinary sized vehicles. Although the cars are not known as speed demons by any stretch of the imagination, Aixam diesel engines are small and very fuel efficient. In some countries, Aixam has models that are so slow that you don"t even need a driver"s license to drive them, but this is more of an exception than the rule.

From the perspective of car fans, Aixam vehicles are great because they are inexpensive and in countries where fuel prices are astronomical, their fuel efficiency can save the owner"s tons of money. In places where the traditional car is much smaller than the American counterpart, most people are not bothered by small cars and in fact much prefer them because they are easier to store and take care of. Aixam models certainly fit this bill.

Most Aixam vehicles get approximately 60 to 90 miles per gallon and make efficient use of their limited space so that you can still travel with luggage even with a full vehicle. Aixam models save money on materials by using an alloy frame with plastic molding, which also makes the vehicle much lighter (partially explaining the fuel efficiency).

Currently, Aixam automobiles manufacturers over 5 different cars, all build with the same characteristics. Te fastest models go approximately 60 miles per hour maximum, but they also get nearly 90 miles per gallon of diesel, which is amazing. They also have a small line of electric vehicles that they have recently begun to manufacture, which are gaining a lot of traction in Europe.

Although Aixam automobiles have yet to make it the United States, it would not be surprising to see them eventually wind up replacing some of the options that will disappear when American companies go out of business. During this economy, most Europeans and Americans are looking for ways to save money, and buying Aixam cars is definitely a way to do that. Not only do they save you money upfront, but their gas economy is incredibly efficient, making them a solid choice for any practical automobile owner.